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North by Northanger
Or, The Shades of Pemberley
Mr. & Mrs. Darcy Mystery, No. 3

by Carrie Bebris


North by Northanger begins with a pregnant Elizabeth attempting to make Pemberley her own. After a desk is moved Darcy finds a letter to his wife by his late mother, who died giving birth to his sister. Writing from her deathbed, his mother mentions a piece of jewelry she believes is linked to safe births, but was put away for safekeeping only to be lost and forgotten. She wants them to find it.

Then the two head out to Bath and receive an invitation from a Captain Tilney. His mother was a friend of Darcy’s mother. When they arrive at Northanger Abbey, it all seems quite strange. The property looks deserted, the help lacking, and the owner’s behavior odd. Their meeting with the Captain is very brief and strange. Once they leave, they are accused of stealing diamonds. Elizabeth isn’t able to get Darcy released, so she calls in the big guns—his aunt. Lady Catherine de Bourgh. Eventually the two are released into the custody of Lady Catherine. Darcy and Elizabeth have double duty while waiting for their first arrival—clear their names and survive months of Lady Catherine’s company until the trial.

The Darcy mystery series is an entertaining one. Very much in the vein of the original characters by Jane Austin. The dialogue is perfect. The lead characters are strong and carry the storyline very well. Lady Catherine is certainly a well-written, unlikable character. North by Northanger is book three in the series. Book two, Suspense and Sensibility, and book four, The Matters at Mansfield, were also reviewed by

The Book

Tor / Tom Doherty Assc
September 29, 2009
Trade Paperback
0765323826 / 978-0765323828
Historical Mystery / Regency England
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