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Our Red Hot Romance Is Leaving Me Blue
Domestic Equalizers Crime Series, No 6

By Dixie Cash

Firefighter Justin Sadler isn't sure if his dead wife is trying to reach him or if someone is trying to drive him crazy, but every time he comes home, freshly cut roses sit in his living room and other items are moved, providing that someone is visiting his home while he's away. Realizing he needs answers, he calls on Debbie Sue Overstreet and her partner, Edwina Parkins-Martin, for help. Hairdressers by day, Debbie Sue and Ed are part-time investigators known locally as the Domestic Equalizers.

Debbie Sue and Ed visit Justin's place, but when Ed spies an eerie message in kids' metallic alphabet letters on Justin's refrigerator, she doesn't want any part of the job. Debbie Sue is determined to solve the mystery, but realizes that she's out of her league and calls a psychic, Sophia Paredes. Sophia has just buried her grandmother and is left near penniless from the funeral costs. Desperately needing funds, she travels to Salt Lick, Texas, hoping to help with Justin's problems. But when she admits she's never really tested her “mentalist” abilities in the field, Debbie Sue and Ed are skeptical.

After meeting Justin and visiting his house, Sophia's skills become readily apparent. She senses an evil presence, a small man. Justin is certain that man is his dead wife's brother, John Patrick. Justin isn't far off, for John Patrick wants to purchase Justin's land, then turnaround and sell the land to an oil and gas company at a tremendous profit.

Then Sophia's hotel room is ransacked, and the troubles really begin…

What started off as a simple and often hilarious mystery became an “edge of the seat” read, littered with delightful humor. The cryptic messages, left in the alphabet letters on Justin's refrigerator, change with no explanation other than that a spirit was watching over Justin. Or is the culprit human? To top things off, Justin and Sophia realize their growing attraction for each other, adding a delicious touch of romance. Our Red Hot Romance is a marvelous read, and Dixie Cash is now at the top of my favorite author list.

The Book

Avon / Harpercollins
June 2010
0061434396 / 978-0061434396
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NOTE: USA Today Bestselling Author Dixie Cash is the sister team of Pam Cumbie and Jeffery McClanahan

The Reviewer

Linda Morelli
Reviewed 2010
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