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Panic Zone
Jack Gannon book #2

by Rick Mofina


Mofina does it again.† In this multi-level suspense novel, Jack Gannon is back and working for the World Press Alliance News Agency.† His co-workers resent his relationship with the boss, and are a bit jealous of his Pulitzer nomination from a few years ago.

Emma Lane is thrown clear of a†devastating car crash in Montana, her beloved husband is killed and the car bursts into flames.†She is sure that she sees†someone pull her infant son from the flames. The police believe that the baby, too, was killed, consumed in the flames, and that itís a case of trauma playing cruel tricks on the mind since there was no baby or remains found.† And then a night comes that†the grief-stricken woman hears a voice through the phone, "Your baby is alive."

In Rio de Janeiro, a bomb explodes in a busy restaurant, killing ten people, including two journalists with the World Press Alliance News Agency. Jack Gannon is sent there†to find out whether his colleagues were†just victims or whether they were too close to a huge story and the targets of the bomber.

A passenger on a cruise ship suffers an agonizing death with no visible cause.† Was he a murder victim?† But what was the weapon used?† The world's top scientists are sure that secret research that was thought long buried may have been used.

Three seemingly separate stories that may be a chain of events from a single cause are now rushing to converge as Jack Gannon†tries to†find†the truth of who or what is behind these events.† It appears that the Lane baby may†have been kidnapped for†an international adoption ring, and the bomb in Rio was to stop opponents of that gang, but what about the death of the man on the cruise ship?† And then Jack is snatched and taken to a secret place for torture-interrogation.

Rick Mofina gets better with each book. This international thriller is his best yet with a complex plot and compelling characters that hooked me from the first page. Bring on more Jack Gannon, Rick.

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Mira / Harlequin
June 29, 2010
0778327949 / 978-0778327943
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Reviewed 2010
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