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The Seventh Witch
An Ophelia and Abby Mystery, No 7

by Shirley Damsgaard


Ophelia Jensen was reluctant to attend her great-aunt’s 100th birthday in Virginia. For one thing, her mother was going to be there and Ophelia dreaded receiving still more unsolicited advice from her on how to how to parent her newly adopted teen daughter. For another, her great-aunt is a witch—really—and is not pleased that Ophelia has ignored her own powers until recently.

Because Ophelia is also a witch, as are most women in her family; each of them possessing a different power.

Ophelia's powers make her a psychic. She can predict the future through dreams and the reading of her runes. These, as she is about to learn, were made out of the red clay found near a stone circle up in these mountains.

But her powers are not working now; and, as it happens, her mother is the least of her worries. As soon as Ophelia is settled at her great-aunt’s house, ugly things start to happen: a rattlesnake finds its way into her bedroom, her beloved grandmother Abby takes ill, a neighbor dies and a rogue witch threatens Ophelia’s life.

The rogue witch, Sharon, belongs to a family which has been holding a grudge against Ophelia’s for several decades. But nobody wants to tell Ophelia how this grudge started, or what happened by the stone circle that once was a sacred place for the Native Americans, and now reeks of evil.

And if this was not enough, unwanted feelings awaken in her when she sees Ethan, the DEA agent who helped her rescue her daughter several months before. He’s working undercover now and, to Ophelia’s aggravation, he seems to have taken his cover all too seriously and has become Sharon’s lover. Or so her dream tells her.

If Sharon is the one causing all this trouble is Ethan safe with her? And is her family?

The Seventh Witch is the seventh installment in the Ophelia and Abby Mystery series. You don’t need to have read the previous books (I haven’t) to follow this one. But you may want to read them anyway after you're finished, as the author gives you enough information to bring you up to date, yet leaves enough mystery to stir your curiosity. Peopled with colorful witches fighting an old curse, a heroine who's easy to relate to, and her handsome would-be love interest, The Seventh Witch brings you to a family reunion you wouldn’t want to miss.

The Book

Avon / HarperCollins
January 26, 2010
Mass market paperback
Mystery / Paranormal
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Carmen Ferreiro
Reviewed 2010
NOTE: Reviewer Carmen Ferreiro-Esteban is author of the award-winning YA fantasy novel Two Moon Princess [2007], recipient of the ForeWord Magazine Bronze Award for Juvenile Fiction. Its sequel, The King in the Stone, is scheduled for publication in 2010.
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