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Sheer Folly
A Daisy Dalrymple Mystery, No 18

by Carola Dunn

    Daisy Fletcher has a new project—she is writing a book on follies, those architectural whimsies of the 18th century. There is an especially good one at Appsworth Hall, restored recently to its former glory by prosperous plumber and owner of the hall, Mr Pritchard. Daisy and her friend and photographer Lucy head off there to join a house party, but like all good house parties this one hasnít long started when there is a murder...

...and if you are setting your novel in the classic era for whodunits, a house party makes a great backdrop for it. The scene is excellently set with some great descriptions of the grotto that bring it all to vibrant life, and we get to see how Lucy and her new husband are getting on. As ever there is an involved plot with plenty of red herrings, a good sense of the period and plenty of good humor. Add a cast of colorful characters, the chance to catch up with the long-running relationships of the series protagonists and you have the ingredients of a jolly good whodunit. This is one series that shows no sign of running out of steam for a good while yet.

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The Book

Robinson (Constable and Robinson)
December 2009
1849011214 / 9781849011211
Historical Mystery/ 1926 / Surrey, England
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The Reviewer

Rachel A Hyde
Reviewed 2010
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