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Snares and Nets

by Catriona McCuaig
aka Jane Barrett


Midwife Nesta Davies lives and works in the city of Oxford, but as her sonís wife is near death she goes to stay with him as a live-in nurse. She soon learns that the village is without a midwife of its own, as the existing one recently died under very mysterious circumstances. When a new mother nearly drowns under equally odd conditions, Nesta decides to investigate before somebody arrests her.

Rural England in the early 16th century comes to life in this novel, and for once we get to see how Henry VIIIís machinations appeared to ordinary folk. This takes a back seat throughout most of the book, however, as there is plenty of interest happening in the village of Hollyhill. This is a novel to savor that takes its time and is as much about daily life in such a place as the murders, although these are very much center stage. I didnít guess it all, and there is plenty of plot to hold the interest, but what stayed in my mind afterwards was what a good mix of history and mystery it was. I do hope that this is the first of a new series.

The Book

Robert Hale
November 2009
0709089031 / 9780709089032
Historical Crime / 1533 Oxfordshire
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Rachel A Hyde
Reviewed 2010
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