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When Winter Returns
Rosie Winter mystery, 4

By Kathryn Miller Haines

       After a 3 month USO tour in the South Pacific in 1943 Rosie Winer and her best friend Jayne Hamilton pay a visit to the parents of Billy DeMille, Jayne's fiancé who was recently killed in action. They find that Jayne's" Billy" is not their "Billy".

Rosie's hunt to discover who Jayne's "Billy" was leads her into Yorkville, the German section of Manhattan. This is the time of prejudice against the Germans. Rosie ferrets out answers involving "Billy" while she also has to handle the blackballing of Jayne's getting bigger roles. This search for the truth leads to danger to her and her friends before she can finally find the truth.

"When Winer Returns" is well written, capturing the spirit of the home front during World War II, portraying the difficulties of trying to make enough money to survive. It shows the complexities of a country surviving the war. The reader can feel the emotions that come from the characters living through these times. Highly Recommended.

The Book

May 2010
Trade Paperback
Mystery World War II 1943
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Barbara Buhrer
Reviewed 2010
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