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Worst Case
Detective Michael Bennett, Book 3

by James Patterson, Michael Ledwidge
Read by Bobby Cannavale, John Glover, Orlagh Cassidy


Worst Case is third in a series with NYPD negotiator Michael Bennett. Bennett debuted in Step on a Crack (2007). Fans were glad to see his return two years later in Run for Your Life (2009). Worst Case is just as gripping as the first two in series.

Blood can change the world...

In Worst Case, teenagers of the rich are disappearing. Each disappearance is followed by a call to the wealthy loved ones, ranting about their wasteful ways and the deprived lives of other cultures. The victims are quizzed during their captivity. Failure is deadly. When the first body turns up and the next teen is kidnapped, Bennett is sure this is the worst case heís ever worked.

Bennett is partnered up with Washington Abduction Specialist Emily Parker. The sexy, southern FBI agent has an impressive record of saving kidnapped children. The two work seamlessly together and Bennettís ten adopted kids like her. His young, Irish nanny doesnít.

The killer is obsessive about saving other countries and the entire Earth. When passing out flyers about "peace and love, John Lennon style," heís dissed by passersby. Feeling rejected, he goes on a selective, cruel rampage. Heís an evil character, someone one can easily wish the worst on...

Itís an intense read that starts off with some sensitive content. What seems like a case with an unstable kidnapper slowly shifts into something bigger and deadlier—something totally unexpected by both the characters and the listener.

The use of three narrators and added sound effects really pumps up the suspense and action. Itís quite a listen.

The Book

Hachette Audio
February 1, 2010
Audiobook / Unabridged / 6 CDs / Appx 7 hours
1600247849 / 978-1600247842
Mystery / thriller
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