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Absolute Risk
A Graham Gage thriller
Steven Gore

Harper /Harper Collins
October 26, 2010/ ISBN 975-0-06-178220-6
Thriller, mystery, political

Reviewed by Claudia VanLydegraf

I would like to say that Steven Gore has outdone himself. However, I must say that he has written a very fine thriller because this is the first book of his that I have read. He is entertaining, introspective and very knowledgeable about the subject he chooses to write about, namely Investigations and Government entities. His lead character in this book is Graham Gage who is an Investigator and ultimately is better than most. Gage is hot on the tracks of an FBI Agent named Michael Hennessy, who is not the target of Gage, as Gage is trying to find out who actually killed him. We have our President getting ready to abdicate his Office to the Vice President because of an untimely illness that prevents him from doing his job. His Vice-President is really deeply involved in some religious doings that might be detrimental to the Country as a whole, and this worries the President. There are things going on in the guise of Diplomacy that worry him, things that bring the safety of America into his distraught conscious mind. The Investigator, Mr. Gage has personal problems. His wife in over in a foreign country, some of her job is political in nature, and there are things that are happening there that are deeply affecting her and possibly her future. Faith is in the middle of several other political problems that involve other areas of responsibility toward the world and our Government, China and the Chinese Government that can all backfire right into Gage's face, if he is not careful. Time is of the essence in this book, much like in everything that occurs every day to all of us in our lives.

This book is very engaging and once you really get into it, it is hard to put down, even to take a breather. Gore does a spectacular job with Absolute Risk... timely, entertaining and fast paced. This would make a great movie, in my humble opinion.

Reviewed 2011
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