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The Accident
Linwood Barclay

August 2011 / ISBN 9780553807189
Suspense / Thriller

Reviewed by Bob Walch

When it comes to mining the fears and angst of the suburban psyche, no one does it better than Linwood Barclay. In his latest novel, the accomplished novelist shows how a tragic auto accident can have monumental consequences.

When Glen Garber’s wife is killed in a fatal auto wreck, he’s left with a young daughter to raise. He also has to deal with the conviction that his wife, contrary to the police report, did not cause the accident. In fact, she wasn’t even supposed to be on the road where the two cars collided.

As he launches his own investigation, Glen uncovers a conspiracy that seems to touch virtually everyone he knows and, more to the point, suggests his wife was involved in something exceedingly dangerous.

Thrust into a quagmire of corruption, illegal activity and deception, plus forced to confront a lethal threat to his and his child’s life, Glen will be forced to enter a world he knows little about. But if he is to survive, he’s going to have to be a fast learner!

In this riveting thriller, Barclay offers some memorable insights into the lives of ordinary folks living in small communities who have to face some very extraordinary situations. This is one story you soon won’t forget.

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