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Agent X
Noah Boyd

Harper (reprint)
July 26th, 2011 / 0061827037

Reviewed by Susan Johnson

Steve Vail has worked as a high profile FBI agent in the past. Steve has now chosen to become a common bricklayer as described in Noah Boyd’s previous book, The Bricklayer, published in 2009.

As the book Agent X opens, Steve has returned to Washington to escort his current romantic interest, Kate Bayon to a United Embassy party. Kate is the assistant director of the FBI.

The couple’s date is interrupted when an informant working at the Russian Embassy, using the code name Calculus, offers to give up the names of several American citizens that are selling secrets to the Russians. As the FBI hurries to meet his requirements things go bad. Before arrangements can be made, the informant is whisked off to Russia and it is feared that he will be tortured into giving up the names of the American citizens, resulting in the Russians eliminating the traitors by killing them.

Through car chases, gun battles and many explosions Steve must work to solve the complicated puzzles that Calculus has used to safeguard his information. Calculus uses many engaging puzzles that Steve must solve in order to find the traitors and hopefully save their lives and even his own.

Once more Noah Boyd has come up with a heart-stopping thriller. The tension and the thrills are a mile a minute and guarantee a late night of turning the pages.

I must say I enjoyed The Bricklayer better but before this I never cared for this type of spy thriller. Noah Boyd just might have a convert. I will eagerly await the next Steve Vail book to find out.

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Reviewed 2011
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