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And Then There Were None
(Previously published as Ten Little Indians)
Agatha Christie

March 29, 2011 / ISBN 978-0-06-207348-8
Mystery / Traditional / British / Reprint

Reviewed by Nicole Merritt

From the Author’s Note and the poem Ten Little Indians in the opening pages of the book, Agatha warns the reader that this is going to be a mystery like no other. Be prepared to be baffled as usual. Although And Then There Were None’s title gives away the book’s plot, it does not take away the mystery’s intrigue.

The author leads the reader through a maze of murder and mystery like the pro she is. She keeps the reader guessing, which is the essence of a good mystery novel. I found myself wanting more and found it difficult to put the book down.

The story takes place in a mansion located on a deserted island. Ten strangers, from separate walks of life, are invited to a house party hosted by an anonymous, unknown person. What more can you want from a thriller? Well, there is more adding to the drama; a foreboding nursery rhyme, a storm, and no way off the island. Still not convinced? Everyone dies.

Knowing all of this will not keep you from reading the book. You have not read this before. The epilogue reveals the twist. Agatha Christie is the best at twisting the pages and then unraveling them at the end to the reader’s satisfaction. Enjoy.

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