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Angel Condemned
Beaufort & Company Mystery, No 5
Mary Stanton

November 1, 2011 / ISBN: 0425244628
Paranormal Mystery / Attorney/Sleuth

Reviewed by Brenda Weeaks

Attorney of Law Brianna Winston-Beaufort's current case has a former professor accusing a Museum curator of fraud. The curator is engaged to Bree's Aunt Cissy. Not long after Bree takes the case, the museum curator Prosper White is murdered in public with Aunt Cissy as the main suspect.

The case, now a murder, involves an ancient relic - a bejeweled Cross. The Cross brings forth a tortured soul crying murder, giving Bree's Angelus Office a new client as well. Bree is visited by the late Schofield Martin, as well as some other dark, deadly beings. Bree eventually discovers Martin's death leads back in time, back to her mother.

For Bree both cases hit close to home. She wants to defend her Aunt, but doesn't want to handle Schofield Martin vs Celestial Court. Bree states a conflict-of-interest and requests a referral. Will the Celestial Court allow Bree to pass the case on or will they force her to confront the demons of her mother's past as well as her own future.

Angel Condemned is chocked full of surprises. Readers can expect a multifaceted mystery with plenty of twists. Without a doubt this is one advocate case Bree will never forget.

If you like the writing style and imagination of "Buffy's" Joss Whedon, you'll enjoy Staton's Beaufort & Company (Angel) series. It's a celestial realm hidden within our world (Sorry, no vampires). It's a mix of mystery, light and semi-dark fantasy, action- in that there is always a showdown - and plenty of legalese (she is a lawyer, after all). So far the sub-characters have been just as memorable as the primary ones. Also, Stanton uses a culmination of Faiths strictly for entertainment purposes.

It's a southern, paranormal world of Good and Evil that just keeps getting better and better.

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Reviewed 2011
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