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The Babylonian Codex
C. S. Graham

Harper / Harper Collins Publishers
November 30, 2010/ ISBN 978-0061689369
Archeological Mystery, Thriller

Reviewed by Claudia VanLydegraf

C. S. Graham is at it again.... WOW!!! The wait for this newest book was worth it. Jax Alexander can't get rid of his favorite nemesis and partner in subterfuge. October "Tobie" Guinness is an RV (Remote Viewer), she has been asked to do an analysis of some historical/archeological lists of things that went/are "missing" from several museums and other places immediately after the takeover of Iraq. These items went missing with the help of some very influential and highly placed individuals who have enormous pull in our Government. The vice-president had a "heart attack in Davos, Switzerland while at a very high-placed meeting. Jax, being Jax, was just having a great evening with a girlfriend...until Tobie shows up at his door. Tobie tells him she has been ambushed and the team that pulled her into this RV session has all been killed. Then she blows up his stepfather’s very luxurious yacht.

The Codex is a very real historical artifact that may predate the Bible. There are many who would be willing to die just to preserve it. There is also a guy named Noah who may also be a Remote Viewer, or is maybe a savant that just sees things or feels them before they happen.Noah warned the vice-president on the street in Davos that he should not trust the secret service agents around him. The next instant, the vice-president is dead and Noah is on the run.

A "heart attack" was reported as the cause of the vice-president’s death, but was it really the way he died? Who else is on the target list, and WHY?? Noah heads for Spain, but he is tracked there and a huge very, very old villa blows up around the man who was going to explain some of the Codex to him. All of this is just the beginning of The Babylonian Codex.

I love the writing of this team up of these authors; they make everything fit into place. After dazzling you with a bunch of different places, and with things all happening at the same time, they pull you right into the action, which is non-stop and life threatening. There are a lot of really high government people involved in the plots of their books and the objects they are trying to find with Tobie's gift of Remote Viewing are very interesting.

Jax always has his doubtful moments, but Tobie is always able to show him that even though she is not infallible, she is pretty right on in most of her depictions and descriptions. Remote Viewing is a very real thing that many intelligence agencies and "others" use, some with very nefarious purposes in mind, and many with a lot of hesitation. Great read, page turning is quick, and you can easily become immersed in this book because of all the alphabet soup letter agencies (FBI, CIA, etc) that have stupendous parts in the subterfuge. Totally recommended reading. This book is the second in the writings of C. S. Graham, the first being The Solomon Effect (also reviewed by this reviewer), which was also totally enjoyable reading. They use a lot of actual facts and truth about many of the things that make up their storyline and plots, so that makes the books a lot more enjoyable for someone like me who is a history buff on the side.

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Reviewer Claudia VanLydegraf, is the author of Notes from Nobody

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