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Bit Player
Jeri Howard Mystery, No 2
Janet Dawson

Perseverance Press
April 2011 / ISBN 978-1564744944

Reviewed by Barbara Buhrer

A chance conversation in a movie memorabilia store sets Jeri Howard on the investigation into her grandmother's past in Hollywood.

Jerusha Layne had worked as a bit player during World War II. She became a suspect in the unsolved murder of an actor. Jeri is determined to learn the details and find the story behind the murder. She becomes involved in the death of the owner of a GOLDEN AGE poster not realizing that old movie posters are so valuable that someone will kill for them.

This is a compelling tale of the Golden Age of Hollywood, rich in detail. Dawson combines the mystery of Hollywood's Golden Age with the present day with its craze for movie memorabilia. There is a wealth of names of stars and films of the past that is sure to evoke many memories of Hollywood's classic past.


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Reviewed 2011
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