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Bones Under The Beach Hut
Fethering Mysteries – Book XII
Simon Brett

Macmillan UK
4 March 2011/ ISBN 9780230736382
Mystery / Contemporary Sussex, England
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Reviewed by Rachel A Hyde

As a proud grandparent with her family about to visit her, Carole Seddon is pleased to get a beach hut at nearby Smalting. The hut’s original owners have separated and the remaining partner needs the money, so is keen to hand over the ownership. But Carole notices some fire damage and reports it, being given another hut in its place. While the old hut is being renovated, a skeleton is found underneath it and suddenly Carole and Jude are on the case again.

The twelfth entry in this pleasantly satirical series, you can be assured of an enjoyable feast of entertainment. These books are akin to a fine meal as larger-than-life characters, a teasing plot, plenty of social comment and wry humor all mix together most delightfully. Mr. Brett has the tone of a snobbish southeastern seaside town to perfection, and there are plenty of witty digs at overpriced gastropubs, tediously obsessive petty officials, the secretive world of the “hutter” and more. Once again this is a series where the books have plenty of ties with past books so it is wise to ensure you have read the earlier books for full enjoyment. Mr. Brett deals with some tragic and dodgy subjects with sensitivity, and I didn’t guess the whole of it. May this series continue to run, and never be televised…


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