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Boogie Down
Cassandra Maldonado Series, Book 2
Daniel Serrano

Grand Central Publishing
November 2010 / ISBN 978044619193
Suspense /Police Procedural

Reviewed by Barbara Buhrer

Detective Cassandra Maldonado, member of New York's elite homicide squad, is investigating the brutal murder of FYSH Bone, a rap superstar and media mogul. She suspects that Sabia Guzman, Bone's celebrity lawyer is keeping a dangerous secret.

Cassandra struggles to protect him from the Feds, the city's biggest loan shark and a vicious music tycoon, all who are out to silence him. Together they face danger with no place to hide until they can uncover the truth.

The plot is tense and the action is constant with a female detective having to contend with betrayal, police corruption and discrimination. Some behind the scenes look at the media and rap music scene.

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Reviewed 2011
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