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The Boy in the Suitcase
A Nina Borg Mystery
Lene Kaaberbol / Agnette Friis

Soho Crime
November 8, 2011/ ISBN 156947981X
Mystery / Denmark /

Reviewed by Carmen Ferreiro

Nina Borg wants to stay out of trouble. After years working in third world countries as a nurse, she is back in Denmark with her husband and children trying hard not to bring her work home.

But when she finds a drugged and naked little boy inside a suitcase, she is thrown back again into the dangerous kind of situation she thought she had left behind.

Who is this boy? Would the police help him or ignore his plea as Nina is certain they will do if he happens to be an illegal immigrant? And who is the big, angry man who is after the boy?

Nina found the suitcase in the locker her friend, Karin, asked her to check for her. So, naturally Nina goes to Karin for answers, and when she finds Karin dead, she realizes that the boy himself is the only clue she has left. The only problem is that the boy is too scared to talk, and when he does, he speaks in a foreign language Nina does not understand.

This fast-paced mystery is told from five points of view: Nina's, the boy's mother, the bulky guy's, and a rich Danish businessman's. The shifting point of view works well in creating suspense and a threatening atmosphere that kept me turning the pages until its satisfying resolution.

Apart from telling a good story, The Boy in the Suitcase also succeeds in revealing the harsh reality of Danish society at the beginning of the XXI century, a society quite different from the idyllic one it once projected.

I'm happy to say that the ending opens the door to another Nina Borg's Mystery.

Reviewer Carmen Ferreiro-Esteban is the author of a YA fantasy Two Moon Princess and four nonfiction titles.
Reviewed 2011
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