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The Bride Collector
Ted Dekker
Read by John Glover

Hachette Audio
March 1, 2011 / ISBN 978-1607886990

Reviewed by Jo Rogers

“The Bride Collector” is a deranged killer who has murdered four beautiful young women. He kidnapped them, took them to an isolated area, then very carefully prepared them for their deaths by making sure they were clean and dressed only in their underwear. He carefully applied their makeup so they were even more beautiful than they were naturally. After that, he glued them to a wall, arranging them in the most attractive position.

With the help of sedatives, he drilled a small hole in each of the women’s heels to drain all the blood from their bodies. This was his mission from God, after all: to find God’s favorites, the seven most beautiful women in the world, and send them to God, to be with Him. The seventh and most beautiful would be the bride of Christ! And he already knew her, for she had rejected him seven years ago.

Meanwhile, Special Agent Brad Raines is tearing Colorado apart, trying to find this monster before any more women die. He has already found four bodies and frustration. The killer never left any clues to his identity, no hairs, fibers, bodily fluids, fingerprints, nothing to identify him. Then there was a fifth body, but this one had been bruised. She had fought back. But the killer’s next victim was Brad’s partner, and it became personal.

The Bride Collector is a haunting journey into madness, into the darkness of a psychotic breakdown, and the amazing gifts of some mental patients that help them solve the case. The story is riveting as the tension mounts. The mentally ill characters are both fascinating and endearing. Do listen to The Bride Collector and have an exciting time. You might want to try Ted Dekker’s twenty-six other novels, too.

Reviewer's Note: Unabridged Audiobook 12 CD’s || Contains Violence, Profanity

Reviewed 2011
© 2011