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Come and Find Me
A Novel of Suspense
Hallie Ephron

William Morrow / Harper Collins
March 22, 2011 / ISBN

Reviewed by Bob Walch

Diana Highsmith has not left her house for about a year, for all practical purposes, ever since her fiancé was killed in a tragic climbing accident. Since Diana is a computer security expert and can work from home that hasn’t been a major problem.
Once an expert hacker, Diana now protects her clients from the types of intrusions she was so good at. Unfortunately, another personal problem is about to force the reclusive “geek” to rejoin the real world. Her sister has gone missing and now the woman, who has created an avatar (Nadia) to function in OtherWorld, is going to have to come out from behind her mask.

The dangers she faces as she uncovers a web of deceit and betrayal both online and in real life, will challenge Diana like no problem she has ever faced protecting her clients.

The winner of the David Award for Best Mystery of 2010, Hallie Ephron is a new novelist who shows much promise. She set the bar for herself high with “Never Tell A Lie”, but this psychological suspense story easily clears the hurdle.


Reviewer's Note: Review 2 by Susan Johnson

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