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Coming Back
Sharon McCone Series, No 29
Marcia Muller

Grand Central Publishing
October 28th, 2010/ ISBN 978-0446581066

Reviewed by Susan Johnson

Marcia Muller has been writing the character of Sharon McCone for many years. Sharon has always been a strong, independent woman who makes her way through the world on her on two feet.

However since her previous book, Locked In those feet have stumbled and had a very rough path to follow. In the book Locked In. Sharon is shot in the head and suffers a syndrome known as “Locked in.” She was paralyzed and could not communicate, but her mind was clear and alert. In effect, she was locked in her own mind.

Now after months of physical therapy, Sharon is ready to return to her work as a San Francisco private detective. Her coworkers are showing some doubt. Her husband is driving her crazy because she refuses any help and he hates to watch her struggle with everyday things.

While in rehab, Sharon made friends with a young woman named Piper Quinn. Now Piper is missing, and Sharon will do whatever it takes to find her friend. She has restrictions on her driving, so she enlists the help of her young neighbor and soon finds that she is risking not only her life but the life of friends, neighbors and family in her search for the young woman.

How refreshing it is to see a writer take her character in a new direction after so many books. For a change, Sharon is not strong and indispensable but must ask for help from others in spite of her indomitable spirit.

Sharon McCone will always be the standard to which other writers compare their female investigators.

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Reviewed 2011
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