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The Corruptible
Ray Quinn mystery, No 2
Mark Mynheimk

Multinomah Books
April 2011/ ISBN 97876 01420749

Reviewed by Barbara Buhrer

Retired from the police from because of a disability, Ray Quinn established the Night Watchman Detective Agency. His newest client brings with him an extremely generous check, which will enable the floundering agency to survive. The client, Armon Mayer of Mayer Holdings, wants Quinn to find Logan Ramsey. Ramsey, an ex-cop and Head of Security for Mayer Holdings, has vanished taking with him important, sensitive documents. Mayer wants them back. Quinn finds Ramsey in a motel room where he has been killed. There is no trace of the papers. Quinn's further investigations lead to a trail of murder, deceit, betrayal and ultimately danger to Quinn himself. He wonders what is so important and sensitive in these papers to lead to murder.

This is a slow-moving police procedural. Nevertheless it is a quick, enjoyable read. Quinn is a troubled man, definetley human, suffering from his disability with doubts about his future and with growing dependence on what he calls "his friend, Jim Beam". The supporting characters are strong and with human qualities. The author gives an inside view of the world of the private investigator.

Reviewed 2011
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