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Crunch Time
Goldy Schultz Culinary Mystery
Diane Mott Davidson

William Morrow
April 2011/ ISBN 9780061348150
Mystery / Cozy / Receipes

Reviewed by Barbara Buhrer

Aspen Meadows, Colorado caterer, Goldy Schulz, offers to help her friend and fellow chef, ex-Cuban, Yolanda. Yolanda and her wheelchair bound Aunt Ferinanda had moved in with ex-cop turned PI, Ernest McLeod, when their rented home was destroyed by fire. Then McLeod was shot dead. Yolanda, Aunt Ferinanda and nine beagle puppies were nearly killed when McLeod's house had been set on fire. Goldy invites them to move in with her even though her husband, Tom, doesn’t approve of Yolanda's friends. Goldy's home is unsuccessfully broken into. Another body is found.

Goldy decides it is necessary for her to find the reason behind all of this. So she puts catering business (which is not doing well because of the present state of the economy) and undertakes her own investigation.

This cozy culinary mystery is a delightful read. There is an interesting cast of characters (and who can resist nine beagle puppies?). The action is constant, never a dull moment, and all of it believable. The scenic setting adds to the appreciation of the book.

As an added bonus a number of delicious recipes (try the cookies!) are included.

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Reviewed 2011
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