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A Darkness More Than Night
A Harry Bosch Mystery, No 7
Michael Connelly

Hachette Audio
October 12, 2010 / 978-1607886501
Mystery / Detective / Los Angeles// Audio CD /Unabridged edition

Reviewed by Jo Rogers

When our story begins, LAPD Detective Harry Bosch is spending his days in court. He’s testifying to keep David Story, a known criminal, from getting away with murder like Edward Gunn did. He didn’t know who took Gunn out, but whoever it was had done the world a favor.

Meanwhile, retired FBI profiler, Terry McCaleb, has been lured out of retirement by the sheriff’s office to profile Gunn’s killer. With McCaleb’s help, perhaps they can bring the murderer to justice. McCaleb has married, fathered a child and had a heart transplant. He feels good enough to work now, but his wife, Graciela, who is also a nurse, doesn’t want him working. She wants him at home where he is safe.

Bosch’s testimony is going well, taking prosecutors toward a solid conviction. McCaleb begins to read the information from the sheriff’s detective in charge of the Gunn case. He finds that there are holes in the case, big ones that need to be filled if he is to create an accurate profile. But he needs to know more about the victim, and Harry Bosch is the one with that information. McCaleb has to leave his Catalina home and talk to Bosch.

A Darkness more Than Night is well-written. The plot twists and turns frequently, keeping the reader constantly alert for those changes. The characters are human, making their fair share of mistakes. Of course, someone from the newspaper is always there to publish the biggest ones. The one thing that detracts from this high-quality story is the constant and frequent use of profanity. So, give this one a listen and judge for yourself.

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Reviewer's Note: Contains violence, profanity
Reviewed 2011
© 2011