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A Dead Man In Malta
Seymour of the FO Mysteries – Book VII
Michael Pearce

Constable (Constable and Robinson)
December 2010/ ISBN 9781849012980
Historical Mystery /1913 Malta
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Reviewed by Rachel A Hyde

During a hot air balloon display a German balloonist plunges into the Grand Harbour. He appears unharmed, but is taken to the hospital to be checked over. Later on he is found dead, but what did he die of, and why have two other men who did not appear to be fatally ill also die? It is up to Special Investigator Seymour to solve the mystery.

As ever, this is a convoluted tale despite its apparent brevity, and it will keep mystery readers on their toes. There are many suspects to question and everybody seems to have a motive, not all of which are obvious. This is not just a whodunit but a good historical novel as the clouds of World War II gather and people begin to wonder what the future holds and whose side they are on. The unique island of Malta holds center stage throughout, and there is much amusement of both the humorous and fascinating kind as Seymour attempts to fathom what makes the place tick. Mr Pearce is adept in all his books at evoking a place and time and getting under its skin. This is certainly evident here. This is a series that I hope will run and run.

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