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Death Echo
Elizabeth Lowell

January 2011/ ISBN 9780061664427

Reviewed by Bob Walch

Emma Cross has walked away from her CIA life to find a more settled occupation working for St. Kilda, an elite security firm. Unfortunately, the “settled” part is not happening yet.

Directed to track a mysterious yacht called the Blackbird and determine what its reputedly deadly cargo consists of, Emma and her partner, McKenzie Durand, have their plates pretty full. If it is true that in seven days that this “special” cargo will be used to destroy a major American city, there isn’t much time to discover what’s going on here.

Of course, other people also are interested in the Blackbird, its destination and how it will be used. Caught up in a deadly game that they can’t afford to lose, Emma and Mac must neutralize the situation so that a major disaster can be diverted. Unfortunately, their personal relationship isn’t going to make the task any easier.

In this thrilling tale of international intrigue and adventure, Lowell blends a little romance with a lot of action. The end product is so entertaining that you’ll not wish to set the story aside until you’ve reached its sizzling conclusion.

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Reviewed 2011
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