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Don't Blink
James Patterson, Howard Roughan
Read by David Patrick Kelly

Hachette Audio
September 27, 2010/ ISBN 1607882345

Reviewed by
Brenda Weeaks

"Justice is blind."

Imagine sitting down to a delicious meal at New York's Lombardo's Steak House, rubbing elbows with celebrities and suddenly in the midst of clinking wine glasses and clatter of silverware you hear the screams of a man – and witness his eyes being expertly sliced right out of their sockets.

Patterson has the most unforgettable, grisly ways of starting his novels. And yet I keep reading. In this case, I thought "who in the world!?"; "why?!"

The victim is Vincent, a mob lawyer. Is it a hit? Or revenge? Will anyone care.

"A job to die for."

Reporter Nick Daniels is our hero this time around. Within days he goes from a deadly drive in Africa to a chance of life-time interview with retired baseball player to a prime spot in a murder mystery. Nick didn't just happen to be at the next murder, he was actually invited and didn't know it. Now he's stuck on a ride he can't get off.

Don't Blink is a compelling, frightening thriller. Patterson and Roughan offer action, twists and turns, and more to keep the pages turning or in my case the ipod playing.

The audio version really brings the graphic scenes to life so remember those headphones.

Howard Roughan is the co-author of two other Patterson thrillers: Honeymoon and Sail. He is also the author of The Promise of a Lie and The Up and Comer.

Reviewer's Note: Audiobook / appx 6 hrs , 30 mins / 6 CDs / Unabridged edition
Reviewed 2011
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