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Dying for Mercy
Sunrise Suspense Society series, No 7
Mary Jane Clark

September 2010/ ISBN 9780061286124

Reviewed by Jen Oliver

Eliza Blake, a morning co-anchor, is thrown into attempting to solve a murder after attending a party where the host ends up dead and his home is some form of a giant puzzle. Eliza, with the help of her colleagues, Annabelle, B. J. and Margo, attempt to solve the murder and solve the puzzle of the home. But can Eliza find the killer before the killer strikes again and ends up killing one of them?

Mary Jane Clark has done it again in creating another great suspense novel. Eliza’s characterization is well done and, even though she is a local celebrity, she has not let it go to her head -- unlike other minor characters in Dying for Mercy. Eliza uses her fame to her advantage in trying to figure out who possibly murdered Innis, the owner and host of the party. The plot moves along without any issues of trying to understand what is happening. The setting of the ritzy neighborhood is great for a suspenseful story like this. The setting allows for the rich, allusive neighbor that everyone talks about and everyone wants to see inside their home.

Reviewed 2011
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