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A Faint Cold Fear
Grant County Series, No 3
Karin Slaughter

June 2011 (reprint) / 9780062021892

Reviewed by Barbara Buhrer

Medical examiner Dr Sara Linton and her ex-husband police chief Jeffrey Tolliver are called to investigate the apparent suicide of a student at the college. Sara brings to the site of the suicide her pregnant sister who is raped when she wanders off. There follows a rash of suicides which seem to be connected with information Lena Adams is withholding. Lena, formerly a cop and now on the campus security force, is still mourning the murder of her sister and recovering from her own torture and rape (Blindsighted). Jeffrey suspects her of withholding information which may help find the truth. Be prepared for a chilling ending!

This is an engrossing compelling plot. There are stories of physical and psychological abuse. A portrayal of campus politics plays an important part in the plot. The sibling rivalry between Sara and her sister Tessa adds to the human element helping to counteract the gruesome details portrayed.

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Reviewed 2011
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