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Fall From Grace
Wayne Arthurson

Forge Books
March 29th, 2011/ ISBN 978-0765324177

Reviewed by Susan Johnson

Leo Desroches considered himself a fortunate man. His gambling addictions and drinking had left him homeless on the streets without a job until a friend and former co-worker gave him the second chance he so desperately needed.

Now ,Leo is a reporter for the local paper and clearly devoted to his work. Admittedly, he still feels the need to gamble but he has found a rather strange way to deal with that.

As the story opens Leo is called to the scene of a murdered prostitute. In a dark and remote muddied field, one of the policemen Leo has made friends with allows him to go inside the crime scene. What he observes there sparks in him a need to make this story special. He wants it to stand out.

The young victim is a Native American girl. Leo is half Native American and has seen how these victims are often overlooked

Not far into the story Leo realizes that this may be a serial killer that has escaped detection by choosing woman on the fringes and it appears the local police force may be involved.

It was hard to believe that this book was Wayne Arthurson’s first novel. The timing, the setting and the little twist at the end spoke of a much more experienced writer. I eagerly await his next novel. Hope he continues using the character of Leo Desroches, he is quite likeable.

Reviewed 2011
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