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The First Domino
Albert McCoy / Otis Springfield Series, No 3
Dennis Collins

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2011 / ASIN B0055LH516
Mystery Mystery / Suspense/ Kindle E-Book ed

Reviewed by Beverly J Rowe

Joe Pellerito is the son of a top lawyer for the Mafia, and after his father's death, he really thought he would be playing a bigger part in the mob. It just hasn't happened...Joe figures that he needs to get the mob’s them how valuable he can be. Killing off cops that have caused problems to the Family should do the trick. Joe pulls off two gruesome murders and tries to kill the newly appointed police lieutenant, Otis Springfield. Unaware that Springfield survived the attack, Joe is sure that killing the police officers would show his dedication and fearlessness.

But the mob doesn't operate on fear like it did in the old days, and Joe's actions threaten to upset the headway that the Family has gained in dealing with the police and going legit. Joe is forced to run for his life with a price on his head. With both the mafia and the cops looking for him, he flies to Italy, where he has family connections. A new identity should do the trick.

Even though Joe is a cold blooded murderer, he is a very compelling character. You can feel all of Joe's emotions as his confidence begins to crumble and pursuit gets closer. The contest is on to see who will get to Joe first, the mob, or the Detroit police department...or will his new identity allow him to escape? This story is impossible to put down as the suspense escalates to the surprising climax.

Though this is the third McCoy/Springfield story, it is a stand-alone novel, and a good place to start reading works by the very talented Dennis Collins. It is available for Kindle, IPhone, Blackberry, your PC, or a number of different formats.

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Reviewed 2011
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