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Forced to Kill
Nathan McBride Series, No. 2
Andrew Peterson
Read by Dick Hill

Audible, Inc.
May 2, 2011/ ASIN: B004YUF85Y
Audiobook / Thriller / FBI / Espionage / Marine Intelligence

Reviewed by Brenda Weeaks

Nathan McBride is a former Marine Corps Sniper and CIA Operations Officer. He currently runs a security company-- and the occasional secret op. McBride is a big man, carrying physical and mental scars received from an interrogator fourteen years ago. (The further into this current op, the stronger we see his need to be rid of his inner torment.) McBride is romantically linked to FBI agent Holly Simpson. When Holly gets a BAU email from Quantico, she calls Nathan. He takes a late night flight with comrade Harvey. Holly shows McBride the photo from the BAU email. It forces him back to a time of pain, humiliation and despair. He walks out. Holly tells Harvey a murder in Utah turned up a body with the same markings as McBride's. Harvey warns Holly not to tell anyone about McBride's scars. McBride, in turn, calls General Hawthorne (Thorny), commandant of the Marine Corps. Thorny was his commanding officer during covert operations in Nigeria. Nathan, Harvey and former CO Thorny meet up. They agree the Montez op needs to be covert, no leaks. Thorny agrees to an unofficial Marine Intelligence operation. During their meeting Holly tells them about a kidnapped NSA Eastern Bloc Language Specialist in San Diego -- another possible victim of Montez. Later McBride and Harvey are checking a possible lead when Thorny calls to say the Sec Nav has instructed him to back off Montez. Thorny does as ordered, but doesn't instruct them to do the same. Montez is a gruesome interrogator– for-hire. Having the Sec Nav and Marine Corps commandant at odds about his capture makes this case even more complicated, not to mention covert to the max...

Forced to Kill is an aggressive novel. Narration of the ops will have you leaning forward in anticipation. The violence, or even the mention of Montez's previous work, is enough to make you look away. Dick Hill's narration of the Gulf War hero/victim will make you cringe. Montez is the type of character that deserves the worst and one can't help but hope he gets it. McBride and Harvey are likeable, yet scary characters. Not the kind of people you'd invite to a weekend BBQ. Holly is likable but not scary -- and that may be why McBride likes her. Again it's not a series for the weak, but it's definitely "the" new series to follow.

Reviewer's Note: Audible Audio Edition /Unabridged / 9 hour(s) and 31 min
Reviewed 2011
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