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Formula for Murder
Maternal Instinct Series, No 3
Diana Orgala

Berkley Prime Crime
March 2011/ ISBN
Cozy Myster

Reviewed by Barbara Buhrer

Kate Connolly and her baby, Laurie, are on their way to have Laurie's picture taken for their Christmas card when they are the victims of a hit and run accident. A witness identifies the car as having French diplomatic plates. Kate and her husband, Jim, go to the French consulate to file their claim and are given the cold shoulder with a claim of "diplomatic immunity". When they leave the consulate they are followed by two TV reporters. When one of the reporters is found murdered under the Golden Gate Bridge, her husband contacts Kate, who is learning to be a private investigator, to investigate who killed his wife. He believes the murder might be connected with an investigative report she was doing about the French consulate. Then the French ambassador is to receive the Legion of Honor, the highest French honor. Kate uncovers information which will jeopardize this. She is constantly being confronted with road blocks before she can resolve this.

This is a twofold story: one a mystery, the other a tale of a young mother torn between caring for an infant and a new career. Her husband is very supportive and understanding. The story is fast moving, full of suspense with much humor with the care and feeding of an infant.

Reviewed 2011
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