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The Genesis Key
James Barney

Harper Collins
July 2011 / ISBN 9780062021380

Reviewed by Barbara Buhrer

Dr Kathleen Sansbury, biologist, is doing research into the INDY generic in Fruit flies. Her research subject is the prolonging of life. Her research has caught the eye of several agencies that have concerns about her research into human genetic engineering. The news that she has neared a breakthrough is published in a newspaper and has caught the attention of various groups, some of which attempt to gain control of her research; some who want her to stop her research. In the midst of this turmoil, she receives a call from Dr Sargon, who was a friend of her parents, archeologists who had been murdered years ago in Iraq in an ancient evacuation. He gives her an artifact from that site that can affect her research. There are break-ins in her lab and attempts on her life and her assistant’s. She is under pressure by certain agencies that feel that her research is dangerous and would affect the future of mankind.

This is a fast paced suspense thriller that is a blend of ancient history, the Bible, and microbiology. It gives an insightful view of the role that scientific research is not always beneficial; that the results of her results would upset the even balance of the world.

Reviewed 2011
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