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Ghost Ship
A Port Chatham Mystery
P.J. Aldeman

February 2011 / ISBN 9780553592115
Mystery / Supernatural

Reviewed by Bob Walch

If you like a mystery with a supernatural twist, you’ll love Jordan Marsh and her historic seaside home in Port Chatham, Washington, that comes complete with a history that includes not only rich stories but even more esoteric ghostly inhabitants.

When the town’s infamous womanizer, Holt Stillwell, is found dead on the beach, the bullet in his head suggests he may have messed with the wrong married or single woman. Then another victim floats to the surface and poor Jordan has her hands full.

Why? Because along with the current mayhem, one of Jordan’s ancestors, a notorious shanghaier from another time period, has materialized to solve his demise in a suspicious shipwreck that occurred over a century ago.

Life is getting more complicated by the moment thanks to her attraction to pub owner Jase Cunningham, but Jordan may not have too much time for romance unless she gets to the bottom of the ugliness occurring around her. With a killer on the loose, Port Chatham may be the scene of another homicide that will strike much closer to Jordan Marsh and her ghostly entourage.

A lively whodunit with a beguiling protagonist and a clever cast of supporting characters, this third installment in the Port Chatham mystery series features a tidal wave of action and surprises that will make you want to read the first two novels if you haven’t done so already.

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Reviewed 2011
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