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The Girl in the Green Raincoat
A Tess Monaghan novel
Laura Lippman

Avon A
January 18, 2011 / ISBN 006193836X

Reviewed by Jo Rogers

Tess Monaghan’s life and career as a private investigator had come to a sudden, screeching halt. The last thing she or her boyfriend, Crow, had expected was a pregnancy. Yet she was not only pregnant, she was lying in bed with preeclampsia, forbidden to get up except to go to the bathroom. She was also allowed one shower a week, sitting on a stool, not standing up. Tess had taken an active part in her business, including surveillance stakeouts. Now, the closest she could come to the great outdoors was looking out the window.

While she was looking out that window she first noticed the girl in the green raincoat. The girl was in the park across the street from Tess’s sunroom, walking her dog, a frisky miniature greyhound. She came every day at the same time, obviously after work, when the other dog walkers came to exercise their pets. Yet, she never interacted with the others. She was always on her cell phone, either talking to someone or warding off anyone who might want to strike up a conversation.

Then, one afternoon, Tess saw the dog run past alone, going the opposite direction the girl took to go home. She didn’t see either of them again. Tess had a feeling something bad had happened. She set a private investigation going to find the girl and her dog.

The Girl in the Green Raincoat is a well-written mystery with a somewhat surprising ending. Ms. Lippman leaves a trail of clues to the killer, but if you don’t interpret them correctly, you’ll miss the killer. The characters are normal people who make sometimes costly mistakes. Read The Girl in the Green Raincoat and enjoy a short but great mystery.

Reviewer's Note: Contains violence, profanity, sex


Reviewed 2011
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