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Decker/Lazarus Series, No 19
Faye Kellerman

Harper Collins
August 2010 / ISBN 9780061702563
Police procedural

Reviewed by Barbara Buhrer

Peter Decker, LAPD lieutenant, is celebrating his 60th birthday. He reluctantly agrees to do his friend, Teresa McLauglin, a favor. He is to attend a meeting between her and her psychotic hit man husband, Chris Donatti, from whom she has run away with their son Gabe. Instead Gabe tells Peter that his mother is missing. Peter takes Gabe home where Rina and their daughter, Hannah, do their best to make him feel at home. Peter searched for Teresa as a missing person. Then Donatti disappears.

Meanwhile a nurse at the local hospital is found hanging at a nearby construction site. Soon, another murder victim, a close friend of the victim, is found at the site. Is there any connection between the disappearance of Tony and these murders? Peter and his team must find the answers before more mayhem occurs.

This latest addition to the story of Decker and Lazarus is a well written procedural drama. It mixes religion with crime, showing commitment to family and friends. We learn a lot about Jewish tradition. This is a thriller with nonstop action with excellent police work.

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