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Hell is Empty
Sheriff Walt Longmire #7
Craig Johnson

Viking Adult
June 2nd, 2011/ ISBN 978-0670022779
Reviewed by Susan Johnson

Take a white-hat sheriff, definitely one of the good guys, pair him up with a 7 foot tall Indian with the highest of morals and place them in the rugged mountains of Wyoming during a roaring blizzard.

The Sheriff is on the trail of a van-load of escaped prisoners, their leader being a sociopath and known child murderer. The big Indian joins him in an effort to help him and keep him from harm.

Walt Longmire is the white-hat Sheriff and an admirable character on any day. Virgil White Buffalo is a dear friend of Walts’ and also a former prisoner who has his own wonderful characteristics.

The two travel deep into the mountains in search of the prisoners, who have managed to kill their FBI escorts and escape high into the rugged peaks.

Walt could wait for backup, but the leader of the group, Raymond Shade, has made this battle private and Walt struggles on under surreal conditions.

There is quite a bit of paranormal interaction but when you consider the setting of the Wyoming Mountains and the fact that Walt’s companion is an Indian and a native of the area, that does not seem unreasonable.

Craig Johnson is fast becoming one of my favorite authors. I eagerly look forward to his books and was well pleased to be asked to review this one. I was not in any way disappointed and would eagerly recommend him to many readers.

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