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Hell's Corner
The Camel Club, No 5
David Baldacci
Read by Ron McLarty, Orlagh Cassidy

Hachette Audio
November 9, 2010/ ISBN 1607886553
Suspense / Government / International

Reviewed by Brenda Weeaks

The infamous Camel Club is back. Oliver Stone was last revealed as John Carr, an agent in a Government department that technically didn’t exist. The storyline begins with the President asking Stone for his help with the Russians. Stone speaks Russian and knows their tactics. Russians spies are filtered throughout the US and the President wants to deal with their part in the drug gangs, because the Russian drug and spy rings are connected. Stone agrees, but his team (The Camel Club) isn’t included. Annabelle is the first to notice and calls a meeting of the Camel Club. Imagine their reaction when they find out he’s a duly sworn government agent… again….

Before Stone can fly off to his assignment he is thrown into a political fire via Hell’s Corner, commonly known as Lafayette Park. Here crimes are complicated because the area is protected by the Park Police, the Secret Service and the Washington DC police.

At 11:00 p.m. the next night Stone visits the park as he has many times. Across the street the White House is hosting a Dinner for the British Prime minister. Soon there’s a hail of fire followed by a bomb. Stone is knocked unconscious. When Mary Chapman with MI6 visits Stone, along with FBI agents, he realizes it’s a possible terrorist attack and now an international case. Needless to say Stone has learned the hard way to watch his back when it comes to governments, spies and terrorists.

Stone continues to be a haunted man. He’s warned by another that “no man is an island.” In this case, he really, really needs to heed the warning and keep the Club in the loop to make it out alive. One thing we’ve learned in this series is that Stone just can’t trust a soul. Once again you can’t help but hold your breath, waiting to see who the bad guy really is. What a great Listen –plenty of action and suspense; over-the-top ending. Great narration - Ron McLarty and Orlagh Cassidy make a great team. If you like conspiracy / government suspense, you’ll like this series. It’s a wild ride.

Reviewer's Note: Audiobook /Abridged / 6 CDs / Appx 7 ½ hrs

Reviewed 2011
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