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Hollywood Moon
Hollywood Station Series, No 3
Joseph Wambaugh

Grand Central
September 1, 2010 / ISBN 978-0446548519

Reviewed by Beverly J. Rowe

Joseph Wambaugh gives us a cast of street cops who are great characters you won't soon forget. Although Wambaugh writes serious nonfiction, we have come to expect humor in his fiction, and this story doesn't disappoint. Dewey Gleason and his wife, Eunice, are identity thieves, and when they tangle with Malcolm Rojas - a frightening teen with major psychological anger issues - crime takes a new twist.

Petty street crime keeps the cops, Jetsam and Flotsam, along with Hollywood Nate - the actor turned cop -and his partner, Dana Vaughn, busy and some major crimes step up the pace and the suspense. The story is unpredictable and very entertaining, providing several hours of reading enjoyment. Wambaugh writes with wit and humor; the cop's wisecracks are fresh and original, and the surf-speak by Jetsam and Flotsam is spot-on. This stand-alone novel is the third book in the equally entertaining Hollywood series. I hope the author keeps this series is addicting.

Reviewer's Note: Hollywood Crows and Hollywood Hills

Reviewed 2011
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