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The Ice Princess
Camilla Lackberg

Pocket Books
March 2011 / ISBN 9781451621761
Thriller / Scandinavian crime

Reviewed by Bob Walch

Now available in paperback, this European bestseller was written by one of the top novelists in Scandinavian crime literature. Camilla Lackberg is mentioned in the same breath as Stieg Larsson, and after you’ve read this thriller you’ll understand why.

Erica Falck, a successful biographer with a messy personal life, returns to her childhood home in an isolated fishing town after her parents’ deaths. Arriving in Fjallbacka, Erica expects to reconnect with her childhood friend Alex but is unable to do so. Once her best friend, Alex is discovered in a tub of frozen water in her family home with her wrists slashed.

Distraught over the discovery and haunted by why someone as successful and self-assured as Alex would take her own life, Erica decides to do a little digging into her former girlfriend’s life.

Joining forces with police detective Patrik Hedstrom, Erica is shocked to discover a decades-old mystery that has been largely ignored by the residents of the town. As each clue emerges, not only does Erica become more obsessive about the investigation, but her relationship with Patrik also becomes more involved.

Naturally, there are those who do not intend to let the town’s dirty linen be aired in public, nor will they stand by and let old secrets be revealed. If it takes another act of violence to maintain the status quo, so be it!

Part of a triology, the second novel, The Preacher, will also be released in the U.S. this year. You’ll want to get in on the ground floor in this riveting series and watch it develop step-by-step.

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Reviewed 2011
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