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In Desperation
Jack Gannon Series, No 3
Rick Mofina

March 22, 2011 / ISBN 978-0778329480

Reviewed by Beverly J. Rowe

Journalist Jack Gannon's estranged sister, Cora, disappeared without a trace decades ago. Now she is frantically reaching out to him for help. If you have been a fan of the Jack Gannon series, it is a relief to finally learn what really caused Cora to abandon her little brother and just disappear.

Cora's eleven-year-old daughter, Tilly Martin is dragged from her suburban bedroom. Cora is bound and gagged and warned that the kidnappers want their five million dollars back within five days, or Tilly dies. If anyone contacts the police....Tilly dies. The kidnappers are sure that Cora's boyfriend has stolen five million dollars from them.

Cora manages to loosen her bonds, and e-mail her brother, Jack. She has kept track of him over the years, and is sure that he is the only one who can help her. Jack is on assignment in Mexico, investigating the drug Cartels, but flies to the aid of his sister.
The complicated plot lines in this thriller take you from San Francisco, to Phoenix, to Mexico and back again. Cora is anxious to assist in the investigation, except for the one thing she must never tell, it may be the only secret keeping her daughter alive.

A twenty year old man seeks absolution and relief from the haunting faces of people that he has executed for the Cartel and confesses to a priest before departing to commit his final assassination.

I started this book, knowing full well that I would not be able to put it down until I came to the mind-blowing climax. I was not disappointed. You can count on Mofina to provide you with non-stop exciting entertainment.

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