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India Black
A Madam of Espionage mystery, No 1
Carol K. Carr

Berkley Trade
January 4, 2011/ ISBN 0425238660
Historical Mystery / England 1876

Reviewed by Brenda Weeaks

India is the madam of a high-end brothel. A British government official is found dead in her house. India goes into self-preservation mode and tries to dump his body. India seeks the help of Vincent - an Oliver Twist look-a-like. Their effort is thwarted by a handsome stranger India dubs "French". French is interested in both the deceased man and his belongings. When they check the room where he frolicked and died they find the "bit" who entertained him and an important briefcase missing.

India is then recruited by another government official to get the case back. India in turn employs another madam to go undercover - literally - to retrieve the case. India finds herself -as she puts it - "arse over end" in the middle of an espionage adventure where she's forced to "put her back into it" and get the case back.

India Black is written in first person, which is the perfect way to hear Madam Black's personal thoughts and wicked sense of humor. India Black is a historical mystery full of espionage, adventure and bits of the "old trade." Expect provocative narration about the main character's past time, along with plenty of fast moving, action-packed espionage scenes. Carr offers a lot of humorous, descriptive scenes to make you laugh and/or blush.

It looks like Carol Carr's first series is a blushing success.

Reviewer's Note: a lot of sexual comments

Reviewed 2011
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