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Ace Atkins

Berkley Books
April 2011 / ISBN 978042533 9018
Crime / Thriller

Reviewed by Barbara Buhrer

George Kelly became known as "Machine Gun Kelly" as the result of his attack of the Kansas City railroad station.

An ambush in the parking lot outside Kansas City Union Station, during which the hoods gunned down several lawmen and their prisoners about to drive to Leavenworth Prison, led to the FBI being given the ability to make arrests and to carry weapons.

The force behind Kelly was his strong bloodthirsty wife, Kathryn. The bulk of the book’s action concerns Kelly's kidnapping of Oklahoma oil man, wealthy Charles F Urschel, and its aftermath.

Set in 1933, this is a history-based novel which focuses on two figures of the Depression era; gangster Machine Gun Kelly and his wife, Kathryn. It is a fast moving narrative, spanning only a three month period of their exploits. It is a compelling story that vividly portrays the Dust Bowl and its effect on people. It is well researched, capturing the era of the gangsters' heyday. The characters are very colorful and complex. There is much gunfire, blood and gore.

Reviewed 2011
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