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Keys to the Kingdom
Senator Bob Graham

VanGuard Press
June 2011/ ISBN 9781593151602

Reviewed by Barbara Buhrer

Retired Florida Senator John Billington is deliberatly killed by a hit and run driver. He had been outspoken about his belief that Saudi Arabia (the Kingdom) was involved in 9/11 and was stockpiling nuclear weapons. He also believed that our government was involved in a conspiracy to cover up the Saudi involvement.

Billington left behind his papers concerning his;sources and information and his plans to circumvent a possible disaster. The papers were to be given to Tony Ramos, an investigative analyst in the State Department. He believed that Ramos would carry on for him.

Ramos is joined by Billington's daughter, Laura, in an effort to find her father's killer and to discover and thwart the conspiracy that could unleash a nuclear disaster. This search is fraught with deceit, betrayal and personal danger. They must travel to Saudi Arabia, India and Afghanistan in their efforts to prevent a world-wide disaster.

Graham's background in the Senate and Intelligence committee bring a feeling of authenticity to this story. One must wonder what is true based on his insider knowledge and what is the product of a writer's imagination. This is a fast moving page turner with ongoing suspense. The characters are well developed and believable. This is a book that will surely make the reader question the actions and policies of his government.

Reviewed 2011
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