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A Killing in Antiques
A Lucy St. Elmo Antiques Mystery, No 1
Mary Moody

Obsidian Mystery (Penguin)
July 2011 / ISBN 978-0451234186

Reviewed by Linda Morelli

Lucy St. Elmo is the owner of an antique store in Cape Cod. As she does every year, Lucy heads for Brimfield to find prize items at the vastly popular antiques and collectibles show. She’s armed with her “Supercart” to store her finds and sufficient cash to pay for them. Lucy has learned the ins and outs of buying – and selling – antiques and prized collectibles from the dealers at the show, and naturally arrives early to chat with friends and scout out the best deals. Halfway through the first day, she hears the sound of sirens and learns the shocking news that one of the dealers, Monty Rondo, was strangled with a piece of lace. Monty was Lucy’s friend and for fifteen years taught her about buying, but even more terrible is the news that Rondo’s assistant, Silent Billy, has been charged with murder. Lucy is convinced that Billy, a gentle soul, who has an uncanny knack for restoring battered antiques to their original glory, didn’t commit the crime and naturally sets out to prove his innocence.

A Killing in Antiques is a wonderful, engrossing mystery with a delightful touch of humor, and a heroine who is reminiscent of Miss Marple and Jessica Fletcher combined. I loved following Lucy about in her hunt for antiques and that elusive “museum” piece, but what I enjoyed most was the author’s description of the setting and Lucy’s relationship with her family and friends. Lucy may love antiques, but she cares more about people, and that concern leads her into dangerous situations.

Mary Moody is a delightful author who has shot to the top of my “must read” list. I loved this book, the characters and, most of all, the author’s unique style. I anxiously await the next release in this series. Highly recommended!

Reviewer Linda Morelli is the award winning author of three published romance novels.
Reviewed 2011
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