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Grant County Series, No 2
Karin Slaughter

June 2011 (reprinted) / 97800620218854

Reviewed by Barbara Buhrer

In a skating rink police Chief Jeffrey Tolliver has to shoot and kill thirteen year old Jenny Seaver who holds a gun on a fellow student. In her autopsy Dr Sara Linton, pediatrician and medical examiner, reveals that Jenny did not bear and murder the newborn discovered in the rink's restroom. She discovers that Jenny had recently been genitally mutilated with her vagina sewn shut.

Working with detective Lena Adams, a recent victim of rape and abduction (Blindsighted) Jeffrey and Sara uncover a child sexual pornography ring involving Jenny's classmates and her mother. This is a taut and chilling thriller involving pedophilia, incest and kiddie pornography wherein parents rape their own children before peddling them to strangers for money and blackmail.

There continues to be complex relationships between Jeffrey and Sara andLena Adams is portrayed as a very human and powerful character.

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Reviewed 2011
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