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The Lesson Plan
GJ Prager

Treble Heart Books
March 2011/ ISBN 0781936127320

Reviewed by Barbara Buhrer


Robert Klayman, a substitute high school teacher in Los Angeles, is facing a midlife crisis after failing to achieve his hopes of a high salary or a successful career. He makes the decision to become a private detective. He is swept up in an investigation of a criminal drug wing that is working in the Los Angeles School DHs His investigation leads to Ms. Briggs, who is murdered one week after her request to be transferred to another school. He has to travel from the streets of Los Angeles to the casinos of Las Vegas to the Arizona desert before he can end the troubles.

This is a suspenseful detective story beside being the story of one man's midlife crisis and his struggle to cope with it. The plot is well constructed with much action. The author gives a vivid portrait of life in Los Angeles with its many problems.

Reviewed 2011
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