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The More the Terrier
A Pet Rescue Mystery, No 2
Linda O. Johnston

October 4, 2011 / ISBN 978-0425243794

Reviewed by Linda Morelli

Lauren Vancouver is the manager of HotRescues, an animal shelter franchise. One day Lauren gets a hysterical call from her past mentor, Mamie Spelling, who claims she is being threatened, then disconnects the call. Lauren, alarmed, immediately heads for Mamie’s home.

Once there, Lauren discovers that Bethany Weber, the CEO of a major pet shelter organization, threatened Mamie. Lauren knows Bethany is not beyond blackmailing others into joining her network. She tried to convince Lauren to join her group, and no doubt tried that tactic on Mamie – until she saw Mamie’s shelter. Mamie, unable to turn away the rescued pets, turned her home into a shelter for hundreds of cats and dogs, and herself into a pet hoarder as a result. Lauren convinces Mamie to turn the animals over to Matt Kingston of the LA Animal Services, and hopes that with Matt and other pet rescue shelters, the animals will find good homes. In the meantime, Mamie needs psychological counseling for her hoarding tendencies. But when Bethany is murdered, Mamie becomes the prime suspect. Lauren decides to investigate and prove her friend is innocent, little aware that the killer is watching her every move.

The More the Terrier is my first introduction to this author and her entertaining mystery featuring a likeable amateur sleuth, Lauren, who is persistent in trying to find Bethany’s killer. Lauren’s character is believable, because she realizes Mamie has problems and could have committed the dastardly deed. But Lauren’s smart enough to know that Bethany wasn’t the most likeable person and has made a few enemies. Matt is a sexy fellow who serves as a potential love interest for Lauren, but it’s truly the animals – and the details regarding pet rescue organizations and how they work – that had me hooked. An enjoyable read for pet lovers everywhere.

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Reviewer Linda Morelli is the award winning author of three published romance novels.
Reviewed 2011
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