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The Most Dangerous Thing
Laura Lippman

William and Morrow
August 23, 2011/ ISBN 0061706515

Reviewed by Susan Johnson

As children growing up in Dickeyville, Maryland the five were inseparable. Two girls and a trio of brothers spent summers exploring the woods around their homes and helping each other though the tough times of growing up. But they grew older; they separated, lost touch with each other and soon went their separate ways. Families were raised and careers established. But when the youngest of the group, Go-Go dies in a horrible car crash they gathered back in their small town to pay their respects.

Brought together by the death of their youngest member the group begins to reminisce and talk about their past, a past that both the children and their parents have put behind them. A secret that none of them have spoken of in many years, a secret that seems to have directed their lives all these years without them even realizing it.

Laura Lippman captures so well the time frame of the early sixties and the relationships that develop between children in their early teens. Ms. Lippman is a talented writer as evidenced by her many awards including the Shamus, the Edgar and the Agatha. I greatly enjoyed this book, her previous works and look forward to anything she may soon write.


Reviewed 2011
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